Recognizing anxiety and depression

We all feel down or anxious at times. How do you know when those emotions might signify depression or an anxiety disorder?

Strong daily feelings of sadness or worry that interfere with your ability to function normally could signal more serious conditions—namely depression or anxiety.

Depression causes feelings of sadness, low mood and lack of interest or motivation for more than just a few days. Likewise, anxiety involves feelings of fear, worry, dread or uncertainty for hours or days at a time with no apparent cause.

Both conditions are common emotional disorders and highly treatable. Learn more about the symptoms of depression and anxiety and talk with your primary healthcare provider if you believe you are suffering from either one.

If you do not have a primary care provider, please call the AtlantiCare Access Center at 1-888-569-1000.

Stressed out?

All that pressure over a long period of time can lead to anxiety, depression and physical health problems.

Take this quiz to find out whether you’re under too much stress.

Then check out our 6 stress-reduction tips.

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