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16 candles - Millennial babies then, teen health needs now

It seems like just yesterday that your lanky sixteen-year-old was swaddled in your arms, taking his or her first steps, babbling and drooling. But here we are, in 2016, and your baby born in 2000 is navigating high school and hoping for a driver examination permit. AtlantiCare providers – parents among them – share tips for keeping your millennial at maximum health.

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Mental Health Awareness

We use all sorts of metaphors to describe how we’re feeling– but it’s rare that we actually talk about our mental health. May is National Mental Health Month, which helps raise awareness for mental health issues and encourages people to talk about living with mental health conditions.

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Mental Health for the Holidays

The holidays are a fun, festive and family-oriented time of year, and many of us anticipate the holidays with excitement. But the holiday season can also bring with it stress, grief, or other mental health issues. When stress is at its peak, can be hard to stop and regroup.

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