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Mental Health for the Holidays

The holidays are a fun, festive and family-oriented time of year, and many of us anticipate the holidays with excitement. But the holiday season can also bring with it stress, grief, or other mental health issues. When stress is at its peak, can be hard to stop and regroup.

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Child-proof your home to keep kids safe

Baby-proofing your house is an ongoing task: When your little one starts crawling, you get down on your hands and knees to view the world at floor level. You remove dangers at 12”, clearing clutter and choking hazards from baby’s reach. When she starts toddling, you tape pool noodles on the corners of your coffee table. When she starts walking and exploring on her own, you lock the cabinets under the kitchen sink, close the bathroom door, plug up the electrical outlets, and hold on for dear life.

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Be your own healthy chef - Really!

There’s nothing quite like Jersey Fresh! If you live in or are visiting New Jersey, you probably know we live up to our name of being the Garden State. From community farmers’ markets, to roadside stands to colorfully abundant supermarket produce shelves, summer produce is tantalizing tempting – in a terrific way.

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