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A mother's heartache: Do as I say, not as I did

On August 13, I worked a 12 hour night shift. Afterward, I went to see Dr. Kasper to review my test results. When I arrived at his office, I was escorted to a small room. I knew I had failed my stress test miserably. Doc came in with a sense of somberness which I had never seen. He said, “Melissa, you need bypass surgery. You need to go directly to the Emergency Room. Now.”

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First responders and heart risk

Our EMS, police departments, and firefighters are some of the first lines of defense we have in emergency situations. We rely on these men and women to keep us safe. The jobs of first responders are often highly stressful and frequently entail significant risk. One of these risks, national studies have shown, is an increased risk for cardiovascular disease.

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