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Fending off the freshman 15

If you’ve been around high school seniors or college freshman, you know there is one topic that often comes up - the freshman fifteen. As someone who is starting college this fall semester, the freshman fifteen is something I’ve heard about constantly, whether it be from anxiety-ridden friends discussing their concern or well-intentioned family members giving (not always wanted) advice.

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AtlantiCare wants you to 'Step it Up'

Last week, US Surgeon General Dr. Vivek H. Murthy recently announced his 2015 Call to Action – an initiative called “Step it Up” which encourages people to get more exercise through walking.

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Making sense of nutrition myths and truths

Confused about what's healthy and what's not? The news media is constantly looking to blame our nation’s obesity crisis on something. One day, sugar is the villain ruining our health. I’ve even seen it compared to alcohol and smoking in one recent newspaper article. If you’re looking for trustworthy nutrition information, it’s best to go to reputable websites.

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