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16 candles - Millennial babies then, teen health needs now

It seems like just yesterday that your lanky sixteen-year-old was swaddled in your arms, taking his or her first steps, babbling and drooling. But here we are, in 2016, and your baby born in 2000 is navigating high school and hoping for a driver examination permit. AtlantiCare providers – parents among them – share tips for keeping your millennial at maximum health.

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It’s elementary – a heavy backpack can injure nerves, muscles and bones

The kids are back to school, and you’ve finished all of your back-to-school shopping: new pencils, notebooks and clothes. But there’s one item you might not have put too much thought into that is worth taking a closer look at – your child’s backpack.

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Nurturing self-esteem in young children

As adults, we may take for granted our own self-esteem: the sense of worth we get from our jobs, from other activities, or from the gratifying relationships we have with friends, coworkers, and spouses and other family members. But for children, who are constantly learning about the world and their place in it, self-esteem might not come so naturally.

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