AtlantiCare’s mission

As part of AtlantiCare’s mission to promote healthy lifestyles, we’ve created several resources for you to use to ensure you develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle. They include a wellness map, our blog posts on wellness, a needs assessment community report and resources designed help you lose weight.

Wellness Map

Our wellness map directs you to produce markets, walking trails and other locations to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle, including:

Free Services

Fitness centers

Farmers’ markets

Horseback riding

Health food stores

Orchards and farms


Community gardens


AtlantiCare locations

Walking trails


Visit our blog regularly to find wellness information, nutrition tips and other advice on living a healthy lifestyle.

Community report

To better understand the high-priority health concerns of our population and the unmet needs of our community, AtlantiCare engaged in a comprehensive Community Needs Assessment for Atlantic County. If you have any comments or suggestions about the way we address community health concerns, please contact us.

Manage your health

If you arrive well prepared for your medical appointments, your healthcare provider will be able to treat your condition more effectively. It’s important for your physician to know your complete health history to provide you the best care possible.