Primary Care Plus

AtlantiCare’s Primary Care Plus network provides you with the best quality of care by addressing your medical needs in an efficient and coordinated way.

We’re committed to connecting and coordinating everyone involved in your care. Our emphasis on coordinated care helps ensure that patients get the right care at the right time, avoiding unnecessary duplication of services while preventing medical errors.

Benefits of enrolling in our Primary Care Plus

Patient-centered medical homes

Our patient-centered medical homes provide you with access to personalized, integrated and coordinated care. This model of care results in better health outcomes for patients. Patient-centered medical homes rely upon the old model of care in which your primary care doctor was personally involved in your care. Our primary care physicians develop a relationship with you and share their knowledge with everyone on your care team. This helps ensure more coordinated care.

Preventive health

Our focus is on preventive health. You can take advantage of the many screenings, online assessments, resources and events that we offer.

Electronic medical records

AtlantiCare Physician Group (APG) Primary Care Plus sends email and traditional mail reminders to you about preventive care and testing. We also offer The AtlantiCare Health-E You Patient Portal, which is designed to help you be more involved partner in your own healthcare. Through the portal, APG Primary Care Plus patients can communicate electronically with their physician’s office, request appointments and referrals, and request refills of prescription medications.

Enhanced patient access to care

Enhanced access to care has been proven to reduce healthcare costs, improve patient outcomes and enrich the overall patient experience. You have email and telephone access to our staff after hours. Additionally, some Primary Care Plus offices even offer you same-day or next-day appointments.

Nurse care coordinators or embedded care managers

Our nurses work with your healthcare providers to ensure that you get the highest quality of care. They’ll guide you and your family to the tools and information you need, along with follow-up appointments, medications and health education. Count on your care coordinator to:

  • Help you coordinate your healthcare services
  • Provide education and self-management skills related to your medical conditions
  • Help you use your medical benefits in the most efficient way
  • Direct you to community resources, support groups, or health and wellness programs when appropriate


Hospitalists are physicians dedicated to providing comprehensive care to patients who are staying in the hospital. Should you need a hospital stay, our hospitalists will coordinate your care. Since they’ll be most familiar with your needs, they’ll ensure that your comprehensive plan of care is carried out efficiently. They’ll be available to monitor test results and order follow-up tests as necessary. Your hospitalist will also serve as an important point of contact for doctors, nurses, family members and anyone else involved in your care.

Health coaches

Health coaches motivate and encourage you to improve or maintain your health. They also help manage chronic conditions such as diabetes. Health coaching has been proven to help people make positive, long-term lifestyle changes. Coaches also answer health questions and make sure you understand what took place during your physician visit, help establish behavior-change action plans, follow up with you by phone between physician visits and can review your prescribed medications.


Navigators are nurses who provide caring, physician-approved clinical advice over the phone on a wide variety of medical concerns. They’ll guide you to the appropriate place for care based on symptoms, thus providing peace of mind and helping you avoid unnecessary emergency department visits. Navigators can also direct you to community resources and support groups, plus health and wellness programs.

Health coaches, nurse care managers and navigators are just three of the roles emerging as healthcare becomes more efficient, effective and patient-focused. AtlantiCare’s Primary Care Plus patients benefit from a whole “village” of professionals offering support, encouragement and expertise.

Begin your healthy lifestyle today.

Contact AtlantiCare’s Access Center at 1-888-569-1000 and speak with a health navigator.