How AtlantiCare helps build healthy communities

We care for a diverse patient population that speaks more than 100 languages.

Collaborative solutions to reduce healthcare costs

We have long collaborated with local employer and union partners to help reduce healthcare costs, enhance the well-being of their members and promote healthy lifestyles. Our Special Care CenterSM is designed to meet the unique needs of the community with chronic illnesses. We’ve treated more than 1,000 people within these groups — with documented success in improving health outcomes while reducing costs.

Proven results in reducing healthcare costs

We’ve also proven that we can reduce healthcare costs for our own employees. We strive to engage new partners in managing the health conditions of their employees to help reduce duplication of health services, avoid increased medical costs and promote healthy lifestyles. It takes commitment and active participation on all sides to make it work.

Building the future

Since we have the best interests of our residents and visitors at heart, we’re committed to working together to build a better health system and be the resource center of healthy lifestyles for the community we share.