AMI Staff

AtlantiCare Health Solutions, an accountable care organization, is proud to partner with Atlantic Medical Imaging (AMI) to provide AMI employees with exceptional healthcare, wellness services and an improved patient experience. In short, the healthcare you deserve.

So that you better understand exactly what this means, below please find a few highlights that will result from this partnership:

Improved Care

AtlantiCare Health Solutions is a group of doctors, hospitals and healthcare providers that work together to give you better service and care.

AtlantiCare Health Solutions believes that care is best coordinated by a primary care provider.

The goal is for your primary care provider to communicate closely with other healthcare providers and as a result deliver medical care of the highest quality while meeting your individual needs.

Because you are the focus, AtlantiCare’s Primary Care Plus providers receive an additional incentive based on how well your care is coordinated and delivered.

In short, your provider receives payment based on the service rendered and your outcome.

Access to Care

Because we believe in the importance of primary care, and feel that you deserve to receive the care you need on the day you need it, this agreement creates a partnership with AtlantiCare’s Primary Care Plus, and also includes the services of AtlantiCare’s Access Center. Should you need help deciding between doctors, or require assistance getting an appointment, the AtlantiCare Access Center is here to assist you.

By calling 1-888-569-1000 you will have access to one of our navigators who will be happy to assist you with selecting a provider or scheduling an appointment.

In addition, you may also have access to a nurse care manager or health coach who can work more closely with you to coordinate your treatments.

Think of these individuals as your personal guides to AtlantiCare and to the other community-based healthcare services you need.

You Can Still See Any Doctor or Visit Any Hospital

This agreement in no way impacts your choice of primary care provider, specialist, hospital or other healthcare provider.

Subject to your insurance plan, you have the right to choose and use any doctor or hospital that accepts our coverage.

We may continue to recommend or offer financial discounts to see an “in-network” provider for a specific health need, but ultimately the doctors you see and the hospitals you visit will always be your choice.

Your Personal Information

As a part of the agreement with AtlantiCare Health Solutions, you and your covered dependents are eligible to receive materials and/or participate in many services and programs aimed at improving your health. Examples of these activities could include care coordination, quality assessments, and disease management and other educational programs.

To assist with these activities, and to improve the care offered to you, your information may be shared within AtlantiCare Health Solutions for purposes of coordinating your treatment, for practice operations or for confirming insurance payment. Your information will not be shared for any other reason.

All information sharing will occur in compliance with The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA), which requires healthcare institutions to follow the strictest security protocols when handling patient information.

Begin your healthy lifestyle today.

Contact AtlantiCare’s Access Center at 1-888-569-1000 and speak with a health navigator.